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April 28, 2009

New Website: Provident Planning!

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       I’m sure you all have noticed the lack of updates on Crackerjack Greenback for quite some time. (I know because many people have asked me!) This is partly due to my upcoming wedding, but it’s also because I’ve been working on setting up a new website.

Provident Planning

       As I’ve worked through the Personal Finance Bible Study, I’ve found that God is calling me to follow His lead on this project. Part of that means creating a website completely devoted to God’s financial wisdom in the Bible. Provident Planning is the name of the new website and the web address is Crackerjack Greenback just isn’t a good name for a website that’s going to focus on God’s plan for our finances.

       I’ve found that God has a Provident Plan for each of our lives. His plan includes four main parts: contentment, hard work, giving, and stewardship. All four of these areas work together to guide our lives as we make financial and spiritual choices every day. You’ve already discovered a lot about what God says about contentment and how that may affect our lives. I’ve moved all my posts on contentment to Provident Planning, and I’ll be exploring the other areas in time.

       It may still be a while before I resume consistent updates on either Provident Planning or Crackerjack Greenback. I haven’t quite decided what I’ll do with Crackerjack Greenback, but I do know I want to finish finding all the verses in the bible related to personal finance before I begin writing for Provident Planning. You can still see all the verses I’ve found about personal finance in the Bible at Provident Planning. Once I finish that project, I’ll begin writing on those other areas (hard work, giving, and stewardship). I may continue to occasionally update Crackerjack Greenback with articles that are not relevant for Provident Planning.

Get Free Updates to Provident Planning!

       If you’d like to know when I’ve finished the personal finance Bible verses project and have begun writing on Provident Planning, I encourage you to sign up for free updates to Provident Planning. You can get them through your email or your favorite RSS feed reader. Thanks for reading so far, and please feel free to tell your friends about Provident Planning!

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