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October 29, 2008

Corporate America Wants Your Soul

Filed under: Consumerism,Contentment,Spending,The Basics — Paul Williams @ Crackerjack Greenback @ 5:00 pm

       This video on YouTube titled “Please Buy More Stuff” portrays American consumerism and the message that corporations bombard us with every day through the media and advertisements. The underlying message is that buying or doing these Things will make you happy, make you feel whole, or otherwise give you a better life than you currently have.

       Here’s the secret though…none of it is true! Buying more Stuff, having more Things, or being richer than your neighbor is not really going to make you happy or fulfilled. Most of us already have more than we’ll ever need but we still can’t seem to be happy. So we start to believe the message coming from Corporate America that if we buy more Stuff and become wealthier then we can have the “Good Life” and be much happier.

       Why do we think this Stuff will make us happy? What’s the purpose of it all? You can’t take it with you when you die, and it’s highly unlikely that any of it is going to make your life longer. Wealth and material Things just aren’t going to matter when you’re dead. You’re giving up time (to earn money) that you could have spent with family and friends, pursuing your passions, or enjoying your hobbies just to buy more things. Many of us start spending money we don’t even have to get more of this stuff, and then we get trapped in an endless cycle of earning money to pay off debt while we keep buying even more stuff.

       So why do you need it? Why do you need the things you’re being told you need? The truth is you probably don’t. You can break free from this endless cycle of consumerism. Do you want to know the secret to escaping the rat race?

       It’s called contentment. It’s not easy, especially in America, but it is so amazingly freeing. You’ve probably got food, clothes, shelter, and so much more. We take these things for granted, but what else do we really need? A new iPhone? A shiny new car? A bigger house? Once you realize how truly wealthy you are then you can begin to recognize that you don’t need more stuff to actually be happy. (Granted, if you are living in poverty then a little more money can make a big difference, but beyond that money can’t make you happy.)

       Stop and ask yourself right now – What really makes me happy in life? Then start figuring out how you can get more of that. Most of the time the things that really make us happy in life are our relationships with family and friends, our passions, or having a purpose – not the Stuff we are told to buy on TV.

       The truth is being happy with what you have and resisting the messages from Corporate America will bring you far more happiness than a big raise, huge investment gains, or more Stuff. We need to wake up from the consumeristic American Dream and grab hold of the life which is truly life!

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